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What is the Sunday Market!?

The Sunday Market allows you to get a sneak peak at what is going to be available in your local market. Here you can view the list of fantastic shops, browse their latest products, or see what categories are available at your local market.

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I listed my shop last year for the Sunday Market held in London and had many customers say they only came because they saw pictures of my amazing cakes.
Sally johnson(Sally Johnson).
It’s great to see the range of products that are available at the market. I was looking for new ink for my printer and was able to ask the seller if it would fit my printer!
Carl smith(Carl Smith).
A customer found out about my site through Sunday Market and I landed the biggest sale of the month! Everyone should be on here!                            
Juli jones(Julie Jones).

Currently Locations

Brazil (Rio de janeiro).
2k buyers by day.
150+ sellers.
England (London).
2k buyers by day.
150+ sellers.
Mexico (Tijuana).
2k buyers by day.
150+ sellers.